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The Meijer family of Terschelling

The earliest known ancestor of this Meijer family is Gerrid (Gerrit) Aarjans (Aarjens) Meijer
who lived in West-Terschelling.  He married about 1725 in West-Terschelling with Grietje
Binderts.  Gerrit's parents are unknown.  Grietje was christened in West-Terschelling on
26 August 1700, daughter of Bindert Harmens and Antje Dirks.  Bindert Harmens and Antje
Dirks had five children christened in West-Terschelling, Grietje 13-9-1699, Grietje 26-8-1700,
Harmen 27-5-1703, Antje 15-11-1705 and Antje again 12-10-1710.  This Antje died
5 October 1793.  She was married to Albert Reynders Roda.  It is possible that Gerrit Aarjens had
a sister Grietje who was married to Cornelis Stevens.  Gerrit Aarjens Meijer was mistakenly
called Gerrit Teunis Meijer when his son Harmen was christened in 1727.  Gerrid Meijer 
is mentioned twice as being 'kerkmeester' in West-Terschelling, once in 1749 and again in 1758.
From 1729 to 1744 there are no children christened in West-Terschelling.  Perhaps there were
more children but I have been unable to find them.  Gerrit apparently had a second marriage, with
Mary Jans Hoppentop.

1. , c. 17 October 1727
2. Lysbeth, c. 2 January 1729
3. Grietje, c. 22 March 1744

Possible other children Anna Alida (married 28 April 1748 Cornelis Hutje) and Christina.

Harmen Gerrits Meijer, christened 17 October 1727 in
West-Terschelling, married about 1751 with Antje Teunis.  Not much is  known about Antje
Teunis except that she died in West-Terschelling on 20 December 1765.  She is possibly the
daughter of Teunis Tjalfs Reus and Pietje Cornelis Top.  There are no marriage registers for
West-Terschelling for this period of time.  Harmen was buried in West-Terschelling on 
13 January 1811.  

1. , c. 15 October 1752
2. Teunis, c. 30 May 1756
3. Grietje, c. 25 November 1759.  She married in West-Terschelling on 17 October 1799 with 
    Klaas Jacobse Jongeboer.  The witness at the baptism of Grietje was Mary Jans.

On 10 April 1768 Harmen remarried.  He married Maamkje Jans Roos, born about 1745,
daughter of Jan Rommerts Roos.  She was buried in West-Terschelling on 19 August 1781.

1. Antje, c. 21 August 1768.  She died on 9 December 1808.  She married on 18 May 1794 with
    Anne Cornelis de Jong.
2. Lysbeth, c. 10 February 1771.  She married on 16 April 1799 with Jan Tyssen Visser.
3. , c. 28 November 1773.

Binnert Harmens Meijer was christened on 15 October 1752. 
He died on 28 May 1805 and was buried in West-Terschelling on 31 May 1805.  He married on
28 July 1778 with Eegjen Ysbrands Rykeboer.  Eegjen was christened in Midsland 8 February
1750.  She was born in Kaart, daughter of Ysbrand Gossens Rykeboer and Rink Hendricks. 
Eegjen died on 26 August 1781.

1. Antje, c. 22 August 1779 in West-Terschelling.  She died 19 August 1781.

On 5 August 1787 Bindert (Binnert) Harmens Meijer remarried.  He married Trijntje Ruurds de
Boer.  Trijntje was born in Kaart, daughter of Ruurd Klaas de Boer and Pietje Cornelis
Zorgdrager.  Trijntje died on 15 June 1804 and  was buried on 18 June 1804.

1. still-born, 25 December 1788
2. Gerrit, c. 7 July 1790
3. , c. 27 February 1794.

Gerrit Harmens Meijer was christened on 28 November 1773 in
West-Terschelling.  He married on 22 May 1796 with Grietje Jacobs Nadort, daughter of Jacob
Nadort and Trijntje Jans Vetschoen.  Grietje died on 2 June 1814.  Her husband died on 10 May

1. Harmen, c. 17 September 1796
2. Maamke, c. 17 November 1797.  She married on 29 April 1821 with Jacob Jacobs Sluik.
3. Jacob, c. 6 September 1799.  He died 25 March 1802.
4. Trijntje, c. 25 October 1801.  She died 26 November 1805.
5. Grietje, c. 28 September 1803.  She died 8 April 1806.
6. Grietje, c. 13 November 1806.

Ruurd Binderts Meijer was christened as Ruurt on 2 March
1794.  He was born on 27 February 1794.  The witness was the 'moey' Grietje Harmens.  On 
30 July 1820 he married in Terschelling with Neeltje Dirks Swart.  Neeltje was born on 
26 February 1795 in Midsland.  She was christened on  7 May 1795.  She died 9 March 1828. 
Ruurd was a 'grofsmit', Neeltje had no occupation.  Neeltje (or Neke) was the daughter of Dirk
Gerrits Swart and Aaltje Sipkes Schaap.  Ruurd and Neeltje had no children.  Witnesses for the
couple at their marriage were Rein Gerrits Doeksen and Hilbrand Barents van der Meij, nephews
of the groom and Cornelis Sipkes Schaap and Jacob Sipkes Schaap, uncles of the bride.

On 18 September 1831 Ruurt Binderts Meijer remarried.  He married Maria Brandenburg.  She
was born in Terschelling on 30 June 1800.  She was christened on 6 June 1800, daughter of
Tjallingius Brandenburg and Baukje Jans Wulp.  Maria died in de Zijpe on 18 November 1863. 
Her husband died  in Terschelling on 31 December 1862.

1. Trijntje, c. Terschelling 16 January 1833.
2. Baukje, c. Terschelling 2 July 1834.
3. Antje, c. Terschelling 22 March 1836.  She married on 4 March 1859 with Pieter Zorgdrager.
4. , c. Terschelling 4 November 1837.

Bindert Ruurds Meijer married three times.  He first married on 14 June
1867 in Opsterland with Annigje Wiegers Dam, widow of Hedman Annes Bylsma.  Annigje was
born in Langezwaag on 10 July 1839.  She died on 30 May 1870 in Langezwaag.  She was the
daughter of Wieger Harmens Dam and Jantje Jannes Kelderhuis.

1. Harmen, b. Langezwaag 14 September 1867.  He died 27 June 1868.

Bindert married for the second time on 10 April 1873 in Opsterland with Geertje Jans Peper,
widow of Jelle Tjietzes de Haan.  Geertje was born on 16 May 1837 in Lippenhuizen, daughter
of Jan Jeens Peper and Froukje Jans Peper.  Geertje died in Langezwaag on 9 May 1883.

On 13 December 1889 Bindert married for the third time, this time with Hinke Annes Kramer,
widow of her cousin Rintje (Reinder) Hendriks Kramer.  Hinke was born in Witmarsum on 25
September 1851.  She died in Oldeboorn on 27 November 1927 and was buried on 1 December
1927.  She was the daughter of Anne Wytzes Kramer and Antje Reinders Klein.  Bindert died in
Oldeboorn on 25 September 1926.

1. Maria, b. Terwispel 3 April 1890.  She died on 30 October 1969.  She married on
     28 November 1913 with Hessel van der Duim.
2. Trijntje, b. Terwispel 24 May 1892.  She married on 3 April 1919 with Hendrik F. de Ruiter.