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My name is Anthony Hofstee. I was born in the Netherlands and moved to Canada at age 5. My parents and my three brothers came to Canada to have a better future. In this my parents had success as all four sons did very well for themselves. Before I retired I was a High School teacher of French and occasionally German. My hobbies include music, stamp collecting and genealogy. My wife and I and all four of our children enjoy music. However my passion is genealogy. For over 30 years I have done extensive research on my wife's family (Neef) and also on my own. At present I am helping several people with their family search as well. That means a lot of the families listed below are not related to me except perhaps in the 23rd generation or further back.

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Elgin County Railway Museum

Information Sites

National Archives of Canada
National Library of Canada
Canadian Naturalization 1915-1932, searchable database
Ontario archives site, includes genealogy links, maps and information about vital statistics
Dutch Heritage Page of the Windmill
Elgin County Archives
Elgin County Branch OGS
Join Geneanet
Doing Research using the Mormon Microfilms
Het gebruik van een Centrum voor Familiegeschiedenis van de Mormonen
De Sneuper, Historische Vereniging Noordoost Friesland
Stichting Oud Aalsmeer
Stichting Genealogisch Archief Vermeer
A Genealogical Perspective of Dutch Coinage during the Republic (c1568-1795)
Yvette's Dutch Genealogy Homepage
Genealogy in Limburg

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Home Pages

Genealogische Website van Klaas Bekkema
Jan Hofstee (Limburg) Home Page
Jansen genealogie
Molema-Smitshoek Home Page, Hoeksche Waard, Zeeland, etc.
Pieke fan der Schaaf Home Page
Karel van der Wal's homepage


My home city, St. Thomas
London and Port Stanley Railway
St. Thomas Times-Journal, our local newspaper

Genealogies, Family Histories, Pedigrees/Kwartierstaten

Hofstee-Neef pedigree showing siblings
The Hofstee Family History
Neef family history
Van der Duim family history
DeBlieck pedigree
Boer pedigree
De Boer-Boersma, a family from Friesland and Groningen
Ancestors of Dirk Gerbens Brouwer, 1914-1986
Buis-van Dijk
Buis-Van Helvoort
van Buren-van Buuren
Buursma family of Ferwerderadeel
Buursma family of Boornbergum, Friesland
Buursma family of Warga, Idaarderadeel
Dakins-Roberts, an Ontario family with lots of US and England ancestors
Damstra, de Vries, Meetsma
Dijkstra-De Jong
Douglas, an Ontario family
The van der Duim family of Friesland
Feitsma family of Deinum and surrounding area
Van Gaal Pedigree, families van Gaal, Olthof, Poelman, de Louw, Derksen, Bus in Noord-Brabant, Overijssel and Gelderland
The Geensen Family of Zeeland
Pedigree of Carmen Greydanus, families in Friesland and Gelderland
Griese, Brune, Vogelesang, Kolkman
de Haan pedigree
van Ham
Hamminga pedigree
Henskens, a Noord-Brabant family
Hofstee/Rienstra pedigree
Hoogendoorn pedigree
Janssens, forebears in Limburg, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant en Zuid-Holland
Hulst, a Drents family
De Jong-Hylkema
De Jong-Spinbaas
Kooi, from Het Bildt, Friesland to the Haarlemmermeer
A Kramer family of Franeker
A Meijer family of Terschelling
Meyer from Terschelling with roots in Vlieland, Goes, Dordrecht
Oosters pedigree
Pieters - with Valstar, Nagel, Sonnevelt, Mostert, Hiddemans, Salentijn, Plokhaar, Sluiter, Vreugdenhil
Van der Plaats pedigree
van der Ree pedigree - a Hoeksche-Waard family
Smit pedigree
The Soblet family site
Spiering-van Rekom
Spiering-van der Vliet
Thank you page
Visscher, an Overijssel family
A Weeda family in the Hoeksche-Waard

It is now the beginning of January 2017. We are having very cold weather (-10 was the high today, -20 tonight). We have not had a lot of snow. Next week we are expecting warm weather again and the little snow we have on the ground will disappear again. We had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve. Everyone is still busy with work. We are very blessed that all our four children and our one grandson have steady jobs. Once again I would like to thank all those people who transcribe records and also those who have made their kwartierstaten available on-line and in magazines such as Ons Voorgeslacht. Keep up the good work. As you can see genealogy still occupies a lot of my time.


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