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Jan Lourisse Hofstee was buried in Hazerswoude on 21 June 1681. He may have drowned. He married in Benthuizen on 4 January 1632 with attestation from Hazerswoude. He married Pleuntje Claesdr, born in Zegwaart, daughter of Claes Adriaens 't Hondeken and Marijtgen Jans. The two brothers, Jacob and Jan, married two sisters, Trijntje and Pleuntje.
1. Maertje, c. Hazerswoude 17 April 1633 (probable).  She apparently married 
   twice, first to Gerrit Arents and secondly on 7 April 1669 in Benthuizen with 
   Adriaen Dirks van der Cijs from Hazerswoude.  
2. Annetje, c. Benthuizen 2 April 1634.  She married in Benthuizen on 10 
   September 1662 with Joris Pieters Backer of Benthuizen.   Witnesses to her 
   baptism were Jacob Louris and Magdalientje Claes.
3. Trijntje, c. Benthuizen 15 July 1635.  Witnesses to her baptism were Cornelis 
   Jans, Rechjen Meijnerts, Marijtje Lenerts, and Beatrix Lourisse.
4. Hester, c. Benthuizen 7 December 1636.  She probably died before 1639.  
   Witnesses to her baptism were Joost Louwerisse and Trijntje Claes.
5. Louweris, c. Benthuizen 20 March 1638.  It is probable that he married in 
   Benthuizen on 1 January 1661 with Pleuntje Cornelis from Zevenhuizen.  
   Witnesses to his baptism were Joost  Louwerisse and Pleuntje Louwerisse.  
   Louweris (Louris) and Pleuntje had two children in Hazerswoude.
   1. Claes, c. 18 November 1663
   2. Leentje, c. 7 February 1666
6. Hester, c. Benthuizen 27 November 1639.  She married on 26 January 1669 in 
   Hazerswoude with Cornelis Cors Loot.  Witnesses to her baptism were Cors 
   Louwerisse and Aaltje Pieters.
7. Claes, c. Benthuizen 4 May 1642.  Witnesses to his baptism were Cornelis 
   Francken and Trijntje Claes.
8. Neeltje, c. Benthuizen 21 August 1645.

There is possibly another child of Jan born in Benthuizen on 20 July 1647, however the mother is listed as Aaltje Pieters.  Witness to the baptism was Aaltje Jacobs.