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Jan Joosten van der Hofste(d)e was born in Hazerswoude about 1618. He probably died after 2 March 1682. On 21 October 1640 he married in Hazerswoude with Annitje Ariens Rutten. Nothing is known about Annitje. It is possible that they have two children besides Ary. There are twins born in Hazerswoude with no parents named but it is probable that they are children of Annitje and Jan.
1. Ary, b. abt 1641.  He died in the West Indies prior to 7 March 1682.
2. Aeltje, c. Hazerswoude 18 June 1642.
3. Maertje, c. Hazerswoude 18 June 1642.
Jan remarried in Hazerswoude on 15 November 1643 with Maertje Cornelis. Maertje was christened in Zoetermeer on 8 September 1619. She was buried in Hazerswoude on 15 February 1689.
1. Neeltje, c. Hazerswoude 20 November 1644.  She married on 25 February 1674
   with Pieter Gerrits van Poelgeest. It is possible that this Neeltje Jans who
   marries Pieter Gerrits is not the daughter of Jan Joosten.
2. Maartje, c. Hazerswoude 18 November 1646.  She married on 1 January 1672 in 
   Benthuizen with Leendert Dircks Bon.
3. Pleuntje, c. Benthuizen 26 April 1648.  She probably died in Loosdrecht.  She 
   married first in Benthuizen on 23 January 1675 with Jeroen Leenderts van der 
   Zijde from Berkel.  She married again in December 1679 with Aert Hendricks 
   Voghel of Loosdrecht.
4. Rachel, c. Benthuizen 3 March 1651.  She married in  Hazerswoude on 14 
   November 1677 with Ysbrant Jans Appelman.
5. Lysbeth, c. Benthuizen 5 September 1653.  She died after 1721.  She married 
   first in Benthuizen on 25 January 1680 with Dirk Jorissen Kapelle.  On 25 
   September 1701 she married again in Benthuizen with Cornelis Cornelis van der 
6. Anna, c. Benthuizen 18 March 1656.  She married on 12 August 1695 with 
   Cornelis Hogerbrugge.  It is possible that the Anna that married Cornelis 
   Hogerbrugge is not the daughter of Jan Joosten.
7. Joost, c. Benthuizen 18 August 1658.  He probably died in Hazerswoude on 
   17 May 1688.
8. Kors, c. Benthuizen 11 June 1662.

Witnesses to the baptisms were Annetje Martens and Jannetje Joosten (4), Anneke Martens (5), Adriaantje Jans Voling (6), Willem Pieters (7) and Maertje Cornelis (8)
Kors Jans (van der) Hofstede was baptized on 11 June 1662 in Benthuizen. He married first with Machteltje Willems Geleveen. The marriage date and place have not been found. Machteltje was christened on 9 September 1663 in Benthuizen, daughter of Willem Arents and Ariaentje Pieters. Machtelt was first married to Pieter Heijndricks van Til. Machteltje was buried in Bleiswijk on 9 June 1721. All the children of Kors are from the first marriage. From 1706 on the family lived in Bleiswijk.
1. Maartje, c. Benthuizen 21 March 1690.  She married on 1 April 1716 in
   Bleiswijk with Arien Dirks Roggeveen.
2. Pieter, c. Benthuizen 10 January 1692.
3. Jan, c. Hazerswoude 2 January 1695.
4. Ary, c. Benthuizen 2 June 1698.
5. Ariaantje, c. Benthuizen 27 December 1699.
6. Ariaantje, c. Benthuizen 29 October 1702.  She married on 9 January 1729 with 
   Jan Claase van der Cijs from Zevenhuizen.
7. Neeltje, c. Benthuizen 9 March 1704.  She probably died in Hillegersberg on 
   29 March 1784.  
Kors remarried on 4 February 1725 in Bleiswijk with Maria Michiels de Knegt, probably from Bergschenhoek. Maria was buried in Bleiswijk on 5 October 1729. When Kors married for the third time he was living in Bergschenhoek. He married in Capelle a/d Yssel on 10 October 1734, banns were in Bergschenhoek. He married Stijntje Klaase Kruijt, last widow of Harmen Kloot. Jan Korsse van der Hofstede was christened in Hazerswoude on 2 January 1695. He died in Hillegersberg on 21 October 1768. He married in Bleiswijk on 13 February 1718 with Geertje Claes Goedraad from Bleiswijk. Geertje was buried in Hillegersberg on 22 June 1747. Jan remarried on that date in Bergschenhoek with Leentje Dirks de Uijtenbroek, widow of David Pieters de Bruijn.
children with Geertje, all christened Bergschenhoek:
1. Cornelis, c. 26 February 1719.  He died in Hillegersberg on 23 March 1719.
2. Neeltje, c. 5 May 1720.  She died in Hillegersberg on 29 March 1784.  She 
   married on 29 July 1759 with Jan van Hulst.
3. Cornelis, c. 1 January 1723.  
4. Maria, c. 17 September 1724.  She died in Hillegersberg on 2 November 1769.
5. Claes, c. 15 September 1726.  He died in Hillegersberg on 15 August 1781.  He 
   married on 11 January 1767 in  Hillegersberg with Neeltje Brillenburg.  
   Neeltje was baptized on 6 September 1740 in Hillegersberg, daughter of Jan 
   Brillenburg and Grietje Dekker.  There is one known child of this marriage.  
   It died in Hillegersberg on 21 November 1769.
6. Machteltje, c. 22 January 1730.  She married in Zevenhuizen on 8 March 1761 
   with Maarten Ariens Krijgsman, son of Arie Ariens Krijgsman and Klaasje 
   Ariens Hoogerwaart.  Machteltje remarried in Bergschenhoek on 13 November 
   1785 with Hermanus Diederik.
7. Elizabeth, c. 24 August 1732.  She died in Zevenhuizen on  22 February 1791.  
   She married in Bergschenhoek on 25 January 1761 with Cornelis Krijnen van der