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Jacob Hofstede was born in Alphen a/d Rijn on 4 August 1816, son of Zacharias and Elizabeth Wezelenburg. He died in Koudekerk a/d Rijn on 19 March 1854. He married in Alphen on 25 August 1848 with Jannigje van't Wout. Jannigje was born on 9 August 1825 in Alphen, daughter of Jan van't Wout and Marytje van der Mik. Jacob was a storekeeper and Jannigje a maid (dienstbode). Jannigje remarried in Koudekerk on 24-5-1855 with Leendert Vermeulen.
children all born Koudekerk:
1. Zacharias, b. 28 November 1848.
2. Marytje, b. 27 October 1850.  She died in Leiden on 27 July 1865.
3. Elisabeth, b. 16 July 1853.  She died in Koudekerk on 24 January 1854.
Zacharias Hofstede born in 1848 married on 25 June 1875 in Haarlemmermeer with Aaltje Ruigentuin. Aaltje was born in Helder on 1 June 1849, daughter of Johannes Ruigentuin and Neeltje Wilhelmina van der Wiele. Aaltje died in Haarlemmermeer on 27 October 1876.
1. Jacob, b. Haarlemmermeer 25 March 1876.
Zacharias married for the second time on 22 August 1877 in Haarlemmermeer with Aaltje van den Broek. Aaltje was born in Oudendijk on 21 October 1850, daughter of Cornelis van den Broek and Willempje Kloek. Aaltje died on 11 March 1890.
1. Willem, b. Haarlemmermeer 7 March 1879.
2. still-born 5 March 1880.
3. Cornelis, b. Haarlemmermeer 21 April 1883.  He died there on 25 September 
Zacharias married for the third time with Geertje Stammes. Geertje was born in Jisp on 27 July 1864 and died in Haarlemmermeer on 30 August 1910. In May 1913 Zacharias married for the fourth time. This time with Elisabeth Dorothea Barens, born 20 January 1857 in Amsterdam. Jacob Hofstede born in Haarlemmermeer in 1876 married with Adriana Willempje van Krimpen. Adriana was born on 16 October 1880 in Haarlemmermeer, daughter of Adrianus van Krimpen and Maria Overbeek.
1. Zacharias, b. Amsterdam 4 March 1906.  He died on 25 August 1969.   He 
   married on 1 February 1934 with Marrigje Muller.
Willem Hofstede was born in Haarlemmermeer in 1879. He died there on 13 December 1961. He married in Haarlemmermeer on 30 March 1904 with Adriana Schotsman. Adriana was born in Haarlemmermeer on 28 March 1882, daughter of Jacob Schotsman and Cathalina van Damme.
1. Zacharias Jacob
2. Jacob Marinus
3. Cathalina Elisabeth
4. Marinus