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Cors Lourisse Hofstede was probably born in Hazerswoude about 1615. On 26 February 1640 he married in Hazerswoude with Ariaentje Wouters. On 13 November 1650 he married with Ariaentje Ewouds van Sluis. There are no children to be found in the baptismal registers of Hazerswoude for either of the two wives. However there are two children of a Cors Louris buried in Hazerswoude, a child on 2 November 1656 and a daughter on 13 February 1657.
1. Louris Cors Hofstede, christened as an adult in Hazerswoude on 22 January 
   1676.  He died Hazerswoude 19 April 1743
Louris Cors (Cornelisse) Hofstede married on 23 February 1675 in Hazerswoude with Martijntje Leenderts Groenewegen. She was baptized on 13 June 1649 in Zoetermeer, daughter of Leendert Willems and Grietje Huijghs Sman. She died in Hazerswoude 23 August 1701.
children all christened Hazerswoude:
1. Ariaantje, c. 12 September 1677.  She died in Bleiswijk on 17 May 1731.  She 
   married on 28 February 1706  Pieter Jeremias Kraanhoorn.
2. Grietje, c. 17 November 1680.  She died on 23 November 1680.
3. Grietje, c. 15 March 1682.  She married on 23 August 1716 with Jan Klaaszn 
4. Cors, c. 20 October 1686.
5. Helena, c. 29 October 1690.  She died in Hillegersberg on 28 July 1774.  She 
   married with Leendert Jacobs van Dipten on 5 March 1713 in Hazerswoude.  
   Helena and Leendert lived in Bleiswijk in 1721.
On 18 February 1703 Louris married in Hazerswoude with Antje Cornelis Hijselendoorn. She was widow of Cornelis Langendam Buurman. Cors Laurents (Louris) Hofstede was baptized on 20 October 1686 in Hazerswoude and married in Alkemade on 1 March 1711 with Emmetje Jans van Noppen, daughter of Jan Hendricks van Noppen and Willemtje Jans Verkade.
1. Jan, c. Alkemade 6 March 1712.
2. Louris, c. Alkemade 20 May 1714.
3. Jan, c. Hazerswoude 6 January 1726.
Jan Korszn Hofstede, christened in Hazerswoude on 6 January 1726, bd. Hazerswoude 9 September 1789. On 18 December 1757 he married in Hazerswoude with Antje Cornelis van der Spit, probably daughter of Cornelis Pieters Spit and Maartje de Jong. Her baptism was not found in the Rijnland indexes of baptisms. On 18 August 1782 Jan remarried. He married Marijtje Gyssen van Nieuwkoop, widow of Cornelis Davids van Venetien. Nothing is known about the descendants of these two families.
children all christened in Hazerswoude, all from first marriage:
1. Cornelis, c. 29 October 1758.
2. Maartje, c. 29 November 1761.  She died in Woubrugge on 4 October 1804.
3. Lena, c. 4 December 1763.