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The Hofstee Family History

The idea to begin a family record originated early in 1970 after a visit to Canada by Ali (adriana) Hofstee (b. 1903), my father's aunt. She told some anecdotes about her father and grandfather that whetted our appetite for family history. Aagje Hofstee (b. 1899), Ali's sister, supplied some additional information. Attempts to have a friend do some additional research in the Netherlands let to a dead end. This way it remained until 1977 when a friend of John Hofstee (b. 1935) brought some information back from Ter Aar. This information led to research in Alphen aan den Rijn. A search in Alphen brought us to about 1775. The oldest records pointed to Woubrugge as the origin of the family. The discovery of the records in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints made research much esier and also allowed us to go further back. However, since the Woubrugge records go no further back we came to a standstill. In 1982 we became aware of an index to births/baptisms and marriages in the province of Zuid-Holland. A search of this index led us to Bleiswijk, where we found information from before 1700. Even though the records of Bleiswijk for the period around 1700 are not very clear, we were able to find a notation that the family may have come from Zoetermeer. A search of Zoetermeer was not very productive at first. There were no Hofstee's to be found. However, from all the information we had by now collected on the Hofstee's in Woubrugge and Bleiswijk we knew the names of several members of the family. By a careful search through the records of baptisms in Zoetermeer we weere able to find all the children. Before long we were back to about 1645. From there we were able to find out that our family originated in Hazerswoude. In the 1990's we discovered the head tax of 1622 and this gave us the earliest information available on our family. For the most part our early forebears and their relatives were poor and were involved in the peat (turf) industry. In the area around Zoetermeer (extending into Noord-Holland and Utrecht), wherever there were artificial lakes created by the digging of peat you are sure to find some of the Hofstee family there. The Hofstee's are also known as Hofstede, van der Hofstee, van Hofstee, Hofstede, Hofsteede and Hofsted. The head tax of Rijnland for 1622 revealed that Louris Joosten and his wife Pietertgen Joosten lived at the Achterweg in Hazerswoude. They had seven children. Joost was not not listed among the children as he was already married at that time.

1. Joost, b. ca 1592
2. Jannetje, b. ca 1595
3. Pleuntje, b. ca 1598
4. Jacob, b. ca 1601
5. Anneke, b. ca 1604. She married in Hazerswoude on 23 December 1629 with Dirk Jacobs.
6. Jan, b. ca 1608
7. Beatrix, b. ca 1610. She married in Hazerswoude in 1636 with Cornelis Ariens and in 1645 with Willem Elborts
8. Cors, b. ca 1613

Joost was first married with Marijtje Leenderts. Nothing is known about Marijtje. She died before 1646 as Joost remarried in that year with Grietje (Gerritje) Commerts from Rotterdam. The marriage took place in Hazerswoude on 31 September 1646. Grietje was buried in Hazerswoude on 29 December 1679. Joost was buried in Hazerswoude on 19 February 1674. Joost and Marijtje lived on the Achterweg in 1622 (two children, Jan and Abraham).
1. Maertge
2. Jan, b. ca 1618
3. Abram, b. ca 1620
4. Jannetje, c. Hazerswoude 27 February 1623. She married in Benthuizen on 10 March 1652 with Willem Pieters Jongeburgh.
5. Annetje, c. Hazerswoude 4 October 1626. She married in Benthuizen on 9 November 1653 with Jan Ijsbrants.
   1. Grietje, c. Benthuizen 11 May 1659
   2. Aechje, c. Benthuizen 29 May 1662
   3. Jannetje, c. Benthuizen 7 March 1666

Abram Joosten Hofstee died before 14 June 1658, probably in Zoetermeer. On 14 June 1658 Michiel Willems, widower of Neeltje Claes marries with Barbara Arents, widow of Abraham Joosten. Abram married in Hazerswoude on 23 August 1643 with Barber Ariens or Arents from Blommedael. She is probably the daughter of Ary Maartens Buytewech.
chldren all baptized at Zoetermeer NHK.
1. Cornelis, c. 13 November 1644.  Witnesses at baptism
   were Jan Joosten, Aart Jansen, Aeltje Ariens (wife of Aart Jansen)
2. Maarten, c. 20 January 1647.  Witness to baptism was Trijntje Claes.
3. Leendert,c. 13 January 1649.  Witness to baptism was Jannetje Joosten.
4. Maartje, c. 22 September 1652.  Witness to baptism was Annetje Joosten.

Cornelis Abrahams Hofstede was baptized at Zoetermeer on 13 November 1644. He died before 1698, probably in Zoetermeer. At the baptism of one of his children he was listed as Cornelis Abrahams de Roo. On 6 February 1666 he married in Zoetermeer with Maartje Cornelis van der Schilde. She was christened in Zoetermeer on 28 January 1646, daughter of Cornelis Pieters van der Schilde and Trijntje Jans. Maartje died in Bleiswijk on 19 December 1721. In 1669 this Hofstede family lived on the Voorwegh, in 1680 on the Vlamingstraat and in 1684 on the Voorwegh again.
children all christened in Zoetermeer
1. Abraham, c. 7 November 1666.  The witness were Jan
   and Barbertje.
2. Pieter, c. 1 September 1669.  The witnesses were
   Cornelis Pieters and Neeltje Jans.
3. Maartje, c. 28 August 1672.  Witness to her baptism was Claes Jans (van
   Hilversum).  She was buried on 25 November 1755 in Hillegersberg.  She
   married on 13 February 1695 in Zoetermeer with Jacob Arents van der Bak from
   Zoetermeer.  They had five children, Trijntje, Marijtje, Arij, Cornelia and
4. Neeltje, c. 22 December 1675.  Witnesses to her baptism were Cornelis Pieters
   and Trijntje Jans.  Neeltje was buried in Hillegersberg on 25 November 1754.
   She married in Bleiswijk on 29 November 1703 with Joris Jans van Leeuwen.
   Joris and Neeltje had at least three children, Lijsbeth, Trijntje and Pieter.
   The baptismal records of Bleiswijk from 1705 to 1716 are practically 
5. Cornelis, c. 26 May 1680.  Witnesses to his baptism
   were Cornelis Pieters van der Schilde and Geertje Cornelis van der Schilde.
6. Maarten, c. 1 October 1684.  Witnesses to his baptism are Symon Maartens
   Slootweg and Annetje Floris.
Maarten Cornelisse Hofstee, 1 Otober 1684 in Zoetermeer was buried in Woubrugge on 10 November 1739. Maarten married four times. All the children are from his first marriage with Ariaantje Cornelis Bon. Ariaantje died before 12 June 1722. She was the daughter of Cornelis Cornelis Bon and Neeltje Pieters Craan (information from an orphan's court record). Maarten's second marriage took place in Woubrugge on 12 July 1722 with Neeltje Pieters Stouthandel, christened in Zevenhoven on 25 September 1678, daughter of Pieter Pieters Stouthandel and Aaltje Jans. Maarten married in Woubrugge after 14 September 1727 (with attestation from Purmerend) with Dievertje Gijsberts de Vries who was buried in Woubrugge on 23 April 1735. Dievertje was born in Harlingen. On 18 March 1736 Maarten married in Haarlem with Hendrina Harmeling (Hendrikje Harmelingen) who was christened in Haarlem on 26 January 1696, daughter of Barent Harmlingh and Machtelt Jans. Hendrikje died in Woubrugge on 12 February 1750. In 1708 Maarten Cornelis Hofstede and his brother-in-law Cornelis Dircks Ridder jointly buy a properth in Woubrugge for 4820 gulden. In an inventory of the estate of Ariaantje Bon we find that she owned together with her husband Maarten a house, barn and yard with a peat field and its water, situated on the Vroonlandse Polder. She also owned another peat field elsewhere. The possessions and inccome were valued at 200 gulden and the house and land at 1150 gulden. Debts and obligations were 100 gulden and other debts on the estate were valued at 200 gulden. Yet when Maarten dies in 1739 his widow Hendrien Harmeling has him buried at the expense of the church. Where did all his wealth go in 17 years? Ther was always a rumour in our family that a lawyer in 1800's absconded with the family money, perhaps it wasn't 100 years ago but 200 years ago.
children probably all baptized in Woubrugge (no records before 1713):
1. Maartje, b. ca 1708.  She died 19 September 1781.  On 25 November 1734 she
   married with Leendert van der Tang.
2. Cornelis, b. ca 1712
3. Jan, c. Woubrugge 17 June 1714.  Witness at baptism was Antje Cornelis Bon,
   wife of Cornelis Dirks Ridder.
4. Neeltje, c. Woubrugge 13 September 1716.  She died before 12 June 1722.
   Witness at baptism was Cornelis Cornelis Craan, wife of Pieter Cornelis Bon.
5. Abraham, c. Woubrugge 1 May 1718.  Witness at baptism was Maria Abrams
   Hofstee.  Abraham married in Woubrugge on 4 May 1740 with Marijtje Jans van
   Dalen.  Marijtje Jans was buried in Woubrugge on 27 March 1744.  On 12 
   October 1741 Abraham registered the birth/burial of a still-born child.
   Abraham sailed for the Dutch East Indies on 23 March 1746.
6. Pieter, c. Woubrugge 26 December 1720.  Witness at baptism was Cornelia
   Cornelis Craan.  He died young.
7. Pieter, c. Woubrugge 9 November 1721.  Witness was Cornelia Cornelis Craan.
   Pieter died before 12 June 1722.
Cornelis Maartens Hofstede was buried in Woubrugge on 27 November 1766. On 18 July 1734 Cornelis married in Hoogmade with Teuntje Jans Mous. The marriage took place in Hoogmade as there was no minister in Woubrugge at the time. Teuntje was probably born in Hazerswoude about 1710, daughter of Jan Cornelis Mous and Baartje Jacobs Houweling. Teuntje died in Kalslagen (NH) on 24 May 1791.
1. Ariaantje, c. Hoogmade 24 October 1734.  Witness to baptism was Maartje Merse
   Hofstede.  Ariaantje married on 13 November 1767 with Cornelis Monen.
2. Maarten, c. Woubrugge 10 March 1737.  Witness to                 
   baptism was Hendrikje Harmelings.
3. Baartje, c. Woubrugge 12 March 1741.  Witness to baptism was Neeltje Mous.
   Baartje married on 22 May 1767 with Teunis Jans van Ieperen.  She died in
   Rijnsaterwoude pm 17 September 1803.
4. Maartje, c. Woubrugge 12 March 1741.  Witness to baptism was Maartje Mersse
   Hofstee.  Maartje died in Ter Aar on 13 October 1820.  She married on
   30 November 1764 with Johannis van Tang.
5. Jan, c. Woubrugge 1 November 1744.  Witnesses to baptism 
   was Aagje Mous.
6. Jacob, c. Woubrugge 10 September 1747.  Witness to
   baptism was Aagje Mouse.
7. Abraham, c. Woubrugge 15 February 1750.  Witness to baptism was Maartje
   Mersse Hofstede.  Abraham died in Kalslagen on 4 October 1810.  He married in 
   Woubrugge on 21 September 1777 with Grietje van der Stoel.  Abraham remarried
   in Kalslagen on 16 October 1808 with Elisabeth Koene.
Jan Hofstede was baptized in Woubrugge on 1 November 1744. He died on 26 March 1795 (probably at sea). He was soldier on board the cutter "Panther". A letter of death (doodbrief) was given on 31 January 1818 at 's-Gravenhage. On 25 April 1766 Jan married in Woubrugge with Antje van der Tang. Antje was christened on 24 October 1745 in Woubrugge, daughter of Zacharias van der Tang and Trijntje Willems Endhoven. Antje died in Woubrugge on 27 September 1775. This family was poor as most burial and marriage registrations indicated that they belonged to the class of 'onvermogend' (without wealth).
children all christened Woubrugge:
1. Teuntje, c. 2 November 1766.  Witness to baptism was Ariaantje Hofstee.  It 
   is possible that this Teuntje was buried on 22 June 1795 with the fee paid
   by a 'weesvader' (orphanage leader). 
2. Trijntje, c. 6 March 1768.  Witness to baptism was Aagje van der Tang.
   Trijntje died in Koudekerk aan den Rijn on 18 October 1810.
3. Cornelia, c. 10 September 1769.  Witness to baptism was Maartje Hofstede.
   Cornelia died 26 February 1841.
4. Zacharias, c. 11 August 1771.  Witness to baptism was Cornelia van der Tang.
   He died on 4 September 1771.
5. Zacharias, c. 2 August 1772.  Witness to baptism was 
   Cornelia van der Tang.
6. Baartje, c. 24 April 1774.  Witness to baptism was Baartje Hofstede. Baartje
   died 7 March 1776.
7. Jan, c. 1 October 1775.  Witness to baptism was Maartje Hofstede.  Jan died
   on 17 November 1775.
On 23 May 1779 in Woubrugge Jan married for the second time. This time he married Neeltje van der Hidde. Neeltje was christened on 26 October 1749 in Woubrugge. She was the daughter of Jan van der Hidde and Niesje Leliveldt. Neeltje died in Woubrugge on 8 June 1780.
1. Jannetje, c. 7 May 1780.  Witness was Marijtje van der Hidde.  Jannetje 
   married in Schiedam on 1 March 1818 with Gillis Kloos, born Vlaardingen 
   5 April 1778.  Jannetje died in Schiedam on 4 November 1845.
Zacharias Hofste(d)e was christened in Woubrugge on 2 August 1772. The census and civic register of Alphen aan den Rijn show the date as 4 August 1775. However, the death registration in 1842 indicates an age of 70. Zacharias was a labourer and farmer. He died on 30 September 1842 in Alphen aan den Rijn. He married there on 19 April 1807 with Elisabeth Wezelenburg, born in Alphen aan den Rijn on 14 June 1778, daughter of Jacob Wezelenburg and Magteltje van Wieringen. Elisabeth died in Alphen on 29 May 1836. The family lived at Gouwsluis 113 and 100.
children, all born Alphen:
1. Jacob, b. 17 September 1807.  Witness to his baptism was Geertje Wezelenburg.
   Jacob died 4 August 1815.
2. Antje, b. 11 November 1808.  Witness to her baptism was Jannetje Hofstede.
   Antje died on 6 February 1884.  She married on 5 November 1837 with Cornelis
   Spruytenburg.  They had 3 children.
3. Magteltje, b. 4 November 1811.  Witness to her baptism was Antje Wezelenburg.
   She died on 30 July 1886.  On 23 October 1839 she married Klaas Roest.  They
   had 4 children.
4. Trijntje, b. 25 August 1813.  Witness to her baptism was Kornelia Hofstede.
   Trijntje died on 16 August 1814.
5. Jan, b. 15 October 1814.  Witness to baptisme was
   Kornelia Hofstede.
6. Jacob, b. 4 August 1816.  Witness to baptism was
   Geertje Wezelenburg.
7. Hendrik, b. 19 May 1818.  He died on 17 July 1819.
8. Trijntje, b. 4 April 1820.  She died in Zwammerdam on 10 September 1878.
   She married on 30 October 1846 with Thomas Spruit.
9. Hendrik, b. 30 July 1821.  He died 12 October 1823.
Jan Hofstede was born in Alphen aan den Rijn on 15 October 1814. He died there on 5 March 1856. Jan's occupation is listed as without in 1840, labourer in 1845 and 1851 and in 155/1856 as 'schepenjager' (tow horse driver). Jan married for the first time on 30 December 1840 in Alphen aan den Rijn with Lena Tuinenburg. Lena was born in Aarlanderveen on 22 December 1819. She died in Alphen on 4 May 1848. She daughter of Jan Tuinenburg and Lena van Wijngaarden. The family lived at Gouwsluis 101a.
children (all born Alphen):
1. Zacharias, b. 13 May 1841.  Zacharias died Banda, Netherlands East Indies on 21 June 1870, about six months before he was supposed to return to the Netherlands.
2. Elisabeth, b. 19 June 1842.  She married in Ter Aar on 11 May 1866 with 
   Gerrit Boekensteijn.
3. Antje, b. 22 March 1844.  She married in Ter Aar on 5 October 1865 with
   Gerrit Lammens.  Antje has an illegitimate child on 8 August 1865.  This 
   child died on 13 August 1865.
4. Lena, b. 7 February 1846.  She died in Nieuwveen on 21 February 1927.  She
   married in Aarlanderveen 27 December 1872 with Adrianus Jacobus Wolmerstett,
   born in Aarlanderveen 4 June 1839.  Adrianus died in Nieuwveen on 
   25 September 1902.
Jan married again on 15 August 1851 with Elisabeth Vermeulen, widow of Jasper van Willigen. Elisabeth was born 7 February 1822 in Boskoop, daughter of Jan Vermeulen and Marrigje Hoogendoorn. Elisabeth died in Ter Aar on 19 November 1882. After Jan's death Elisabeth married for the third time with Jacob van Eyk. The widow E. Vermeulen at Steekt 79. She and Jacob moved to Ter Aar in June 1865. Children Lena and Jacob moved to Ter Aar with them.
children  (born in Alphen):
1. Jan, b. 30 April 1853.  He died in Alphen 7 May 1860.
2. Jacob, b. 8 December 1855.
Jacob Hofstee was born in Alphen on 8 December 1855. He died in Berkel en Rodenrijs on 30 October 1934. He married in Ter Aar on 8 June 1883 with Aagje Pijper. Aagje was born 5 January 1863 in Ter Aar, daughter of Arie Pijper and Helena Elisabeth Willems. Aagje died in Berkel en Rodenrijs on 17 November 1949. Jacob was a house boy and gardener at an estate. The family was very poor and Jacob was black from undernourishment. In 1903 the family suffered in a typhoid outbreak. In Ter Aar the family owned their own house but it was on leased land. The owner warned Jacob he wanted the land and during one night Jacob dismantled his whole house and moved it elsewhere. Jacob was a market gardener several times but didn't persist because he didn't want to get further into debt. In 1926 at age 71 he became the watchman at the lift bridge at the corner of the Rodenrijseweg and Klapwijkseweg in Berkel. He had to raise the bridge for barges and boats taking their wares to market. In July 1934 he became ill with stomach problems and his Jan took over his job.
children all born Ter Aar except Aagje:
1. Jan, b. 22 September 1884.
2. Helena Elisabeth, b. 18 November 1885.  She died in Leiden on 14 May 1959.
   She married on 16 September 1904 in Ter Aar with Jan van der Haven.
3. still-born 29 September 1887
4. Antje, b. Ter Aar 22 April 1889.  She died on 12 July 1889.
5. Antje Elizabeth, b. 18 November 1890.  She died in Rotterdam on 27 November
   1964.  She married in Ter Aar in October 1912 with Aart Molenaar.
6. Arie, b. 2 August 1893.  He died in Ter Aar on 20 April 1903.
7. Jacob Pieter, b. 22 December 1896.  He died in Ter Aar on 22 February 1903.
8. Aagje, b. Nieuwveen 2 March 1899.  She died in Spijkenisse on 1 January 1981.
   She married in Berkel on 22 August 1923 with Jan Kijzerwaard. 
9. Adriana Pieternella Jacoba (Ali), b. 3 June 1903.  She died in Spijkenisse
   on 12 January 1984.  She was mid-wife and home-care worker.
10. still-born 26 October 1904
Jan Hofstee was born 22 September 1884. He died on 21 March 1947 in Berkel en Rodenrijs, probably from lung cancer. Jan married on 25 February 1910 in Berkel en Rodenrijs with Jannetje van Gijzen. Jannetje was born in Zuidland on 17 March 1888, daughter of Pieter van Gijzen and Kaatje Hagestein. Jannetje made two trips to Canada to see her son and his family. She died on 1 March 1965 in Dordrecht. Jan was market gardening labourer until he replaced his father as bridge watchman. Jannetje was an accomplished seamstress. The family lived on the Zuidersingel when first married but later bought their own house on the Vogelaarstraat in Berkel.
1. Jacob, b. Berkel en Rodenrijs 9 April 1911.
Jacob Hofstee was born in Berkel en Rodenrijs on 9 April 1911. He attended the 'School met den Bijbel' and was a very good student but hiss parents would not allow him to continue on with his education. At age 12 he went to work. At age 19 he bought his won trucking business. He continued this business until he left for Canada in 1951. On 22 November 1933 Jacob married Adriaantje Spiering. Adriaantje was born on November 15, 1912 in Schiebroek, daughter of Arie Spiering and Alida van Doorn. Jacob and Adriaantje made plans after the second world war to move to Australia but plans fell through. However the opportunity arose to go to Canada and on 14 April 1951 the family left Rotterdam for Canada. After landing in Quebec City, the family wnet by train to Chatham, Ontario. After a few months of living outside of Merlin (a town near Chatham), the family moved to Aylmer South, Shedden, Sparta and finally to St. Thomas, all in 2 years time. Jacob had several different jobs (gravedigger, maker of Coke coolers, etc.) until he got a job driving truck for National Grocers. He remained with National Grocers until his retirement in 1976. Jake as he was called by his friends and co-workers was always known for his pipe. He eventually gave up his pipe (on doctor's orders). Adriaantje was a seamstress and to help out in difficult times she cleaned houses for other people. Adriaantje died on 23 May 1970 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. On 1 February 1975 Jake married with Jean Park (Croxford). On 2 November 1987 Jake died from a heart attack. His widow Jean lived in the house at 32 Barwick Street, St. Thomas for several years. Jake's grndson lived in the house for a while.
children all born Berkel en Rodenrijs:
1. Jan, b. 6 October 1935.  He married in St. Thoms on 2 May 1959 with
   Beatrix de Blieck, b. de Burg, Texel 21 May 1938, d. Listowel, Ontario
   16 May 2008.
   1. Janet Elisabeth, b. Toronto 26 October 1960, married London, Ontario
      21 April 1990 with Edward William van Veen, born Montreal 18 June 1960.
      1. Tara Elise, b. London 17 June 1993
      2. Kyle Jonathan, b. Woodbury, Minnesota 23 October 1995  
   2. Susanne Grace, b. Toronto 29 June 1962, married Guelph 10 February 1989
      with Ronald Jacob Greydanus, b. Guelph 27 September 1958.
      1. Carmen, b. Toronto 23 March 1987.
   3. Mark John, b. Parry Sound 25 March 1967, married Guelph 10 February 1989
      Anitra Grace Ensing, born Guelph 22 June 1967.
      children (all born Guelph):
      1. Lauren Anitra Helena, b. 8 August 1994
      2. Kirstin Alexandra, b. 3 March 1997
      3. Bethany Amanda, b. 20 December 1998
      4. Jillian Alyssa, b. 22 December 2000
   4. Michael Benjamin, b. Listowel 6 December 1971, married Lombard, Illinois
      24 May 1997 with Michelle Jeanne Desrosier, born Wilmington, Delaware
      17 January 1971.
      1. Heather Susanne, b. St. Petersburg, Florida 22 July 1998
      2. Holly Jeanne, b. Tucker, Georgia 19 August 2000
      3. Darryl Christopher, b. Fort Pierce, Florida 6 October 2001
2. Arie, b. 30 November 1938.  He married on 30 July 1960 in St. Thomas with
   Doris Jean Holt, born St. Thomas 20 December 1940.
   1. Christopher Paul, b. 14 November 1967
   2. Elizabeth Jane, b. 11 November 1969, m. St. Thomas 14 May 1994 with
      Brad Roe.  
3. Jacob, b. 21 February 1944.  He married on 31 July 1976 in Sudbury with 
   Denis Freida Maria Claire Leblanc, b. Sturgeon Falls 2 November 1954.  Jake
   divorced Denise and married in Glenburnie, Ontario on 23 August 2003 with
   Lorelle Bell.
   children of Jake and Denise:
   1. Kristin Adri, b. Sudbury 6 June 1977
   2. Kevin Laen, b. London 7 May 1980
4. Anthonie, b. 5 July 1945.  He married in St. Thomas on 20 March 1971 with
   Anna Maria Neef, b. Oldeboorn, Friesland 11 June 1951
   children (all born in St. Thomas
   1. Shawn James, b. 18 April 1975.  He married (1) St. Thomas 27 August 1994
      with Anna Victoria Heidinga, b. Brockville 21 June 1976, he married (2)
      Lasalle, Ontario on 28 October 2004 with Geri-Lee Phillips, b. St. Thomas
      21 April 1976.
      children with Anna:
      1. Austin Paul, b. St. Thomas 17 February 1994
      2. Tristan Nathaniel, b. St. Thomas 25 September 1996
   2. Michelle Anne, b. 3 March 1979
   3. Adrian Jason Anthony, b. 8 November 1984
   4. Jeremy Jacob, b. 6 January 1991
The Hofstee family has been published in Gens Nostra (January 1988, etc), also in a book entitled "The Hofstee/Hofstede Family, an annoted genealogy" and in "Lustrumboek van de Zuidhollandse Vereniging voor Genealogie Ons Voorgeslacht 1946-1996". The Hofstede/Hofstee book is available for search at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City and at the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie.