Feitsma family of Deinum

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When I first started on the Feitsma family I ran into some problems finding dates since it seemed
that the Feitsma family was doopsgezind (Mennonite).  My curiosity about the Feitsmas became
even greater when I discovered three Feitsma families that had a Feitsma spouse as well but
didn't seem to be related to each other even though they had some names in common.  In 1825
Klaas Jans Feitsma (born about 1804) married in Deinum with Mintje Klazes Feitsma (born
1804)  In 1800 Hillebrand Klazes Feitsma married in Deinum with Dieuwke Heins Feitsma.  In
1786 Sjouke Kornelis Feitsma married Antje Klazes Feitsma, also in Deinum.  After some
searching of the records at Tresoar it became evident that perhaps all these Feitsma's were
somehow related to each other.  This is what I have been able to put together with the help of
several people in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

The earliest known forebear is Keimpe Gerrits.  Keimpe died before 1640 and was married to
Aath Minnes.  His only known child is Sjoucke Keimpes.

Sjoucke (Sjouke) Keimpes
Sjouke lived in Deinum.  In 1667 his estate was inventoried.  He was assessor of Menaldumadeel
and owned a house and a haystack on 34 pm of land in Deinum (in use from the city of
Leeuwarden).  Children named are Lijsbeth (married with Andries Gerbens, baker at Dainum),
Jan (tax-collector at Deinum), Minne, Attie (married with Gerben Willems) and Lieuwe (married
with Griet Gerrits).  Nothing is known about the wife of Sjouke.

Minne Sjoukes
Minne was born about 1625 and died after 1689.  He had a relationship with Berber Claases.  I
know of only one child from this marriage, a son Ruird (Ruurd).

Ruurd Minnes
Ruurd married twice, first with Aat Jochems and secondly with Doetje Tjeerds.  Ruird was born
about 1665 and died about 1711 in Deinum.

Ruurd Minnes married Aat(h) Jochems before 1689.  A son Minne was born to this couple and
baptized in Deinum on 10 March 1689. Minne died before 31 August

Ruurd Minnes married on 4 June 1693 with Doetje Tjeerds.  Ruurd and Doetje had the following
1. Aukje, born Deinum 4-9-1693, christened there 8-10-1693.
2. Sjouke, born Deinum 1-4-1696, christened there 10-4-1696.
3. Berber, born Deinum 2-5-1701, christened there 8-5-1701
4. Lieuwe, born Deinum 8-11-1703, christened there 18-11-1703
5. Foocke (Fokke), born Deinum 2-3-1707, christened there 23-3-1707.

Minne  Ruierds was born in Deinum on 1-3-1689 and married in Deinum on
2-6-1712 with Dieuwke Hilbrands (Hillebrands), born in Deinum on 4-11-1687.  She was
christened in Deinum on 4 December 1687 as daughter of Hillebrand Heins and Mary Tjeerds. 
Minne and Dieuwke had the following children.
1. Aath, born Deinum 18-2-1713, chr. there 19-2-1713
2. unnamed child, chr. between 3-1-1714 and 14-10-1714
3. Ruurd, born Deinum 8-6-1715, chr. there 9-6-1715.
4. Aath, born Deinum 31-1-1717, chr. there 31-1-1717
5. Klaas, born Deinum 13-7-1720, chr. there 14-7-1720.
6. Maria (Marike), born Deinum 29-5-1722, chr. there 31-5-1722,      
    married to Sjoerd Foekes.
7. Jan, born Deinum 12-12-1723, chr. there 19-12-1723
8. Jochem, born Deinum 8-10-1725, chr. there 14-10-1725
9. Hein, born Deinum 20-10-1727, chr. there 2-11-1727

Ruerd (Ruurd) was born in Deinum on 8-6-1715 and christened there on 9-6-1715. 
He married in Deinum on 19-6-1740 with Klaaske Hanses.  
1. Minne, born Deinum 13-1-1742, christened there 21-1-1742
2. Dieuke, born Deinum 21-6-1743, christened there 30-6-1743
3. Vroukjen, born Deinum 23-5-1749
4. Minne, born Deinum 2-3-1752, christened there 19-2-1752
5. Vettje, born Deinum 2-3-1752, christened there 19-3-1752 

Klaas Minnes was born in Deinum on
13-7-1720, christened there on 14-7-1720.  He died in Menaldumadeel on 4-12-1779.  He
married in Deinum on 8-1-1748 with Klaaske Taekes    Klaas was an elder in the church at
Deinum.  He was a farmer.
1. Dieuke, born Deinum 7-11-1748, christened there 17-11-1748, died in Deinum in 1781.
2. Minne, born Deinum 20-1-1751, christened there 24-1-1751.  He
    died in Deinum in 1794.
3. Antje, born in 1754.
4. Taeke, born Deinum 1-12-1757, christened there 11-12-1757.
5. Jan, born Deinum 3-11-1762, christened there 28-11-1762
6. Aat, born Deinum 20-11-1765, christened 15-12-1765
7. Hillebrand, born Deinum 29-10-1-1767, christened there
    8-11-1767, died Menaldumadeel 30-1-1843

Maria Minnes was born in Deinum on
29-5-1722 and christened there on 31 May 1722.  She married with Sjoerd Foekes.  
1. Antje, b. ca 1749, m. third proclamation Deinum 29-4-1770 with Ruurd Fokkes (Feitsma).
    Antje died in Deinum on 31-12-1834.

Hein Minnes was born in Deinum on 20-
10-1727 and christened there on 2 November 1727.  He married in Deinum on 23-10-1774 with
Eelkje Jacobs.  Eelkje Jacobs died in Deinum on 22-12-1809.
1. Dieuwke, born Deinum 8-9-1775, christened there 24-9-1775.  She died in Menaldumadeel on
    10-1-1844.   She married in Deinum with Hillebrand Klazes
2. Antje, born Deinum 21-2-1779, christened there 11-4-1779, m. Lieuwe Feikes Molema
3. Mintje, born Deinum 10-3-1782, christened there 14-4-1782
4. Minne, born Deinum 28-2-1786, christened there 16-4-1786.  

Sjouke Ruurds was born in Deinum on 1-4-1696.  He was married three times.  He
first married Marijke Jans in Deinum on 29-10-1713 with Marijke Jans.  He next married on 
1-2-1722 in Deinum with Doetje Cornelis.  Lastly he married in Deinum on 7 April 1743 with
Grietje Jacobs.
Child from first marriage:
1. Acke, born Deinum 9-11-1713, christened there 24-11-1713

children from second marriage:
2. Cornelis, born Deinum 22-2-1726
3. Akke, b. born Deinum 17-4-1738, chr. there 20-4-1738

children from third marriage:
4. Tettje, b. Deinum 28-3-1744, chr. there 2-4-1744
5. Doetje, b. Deinum 15-5-1747, chr. there 28-5-1747

Fokke (Foocke) Ruirds (Ruurds) was born in Deinum on 2-3-1707.  He was
christened there on 23-3-1707.   He married in Marssum on 1-7-1731 with Aafke Willems. 
Foocke and Aafke had the following children.
1. Willem, b. Britsum 30-4-1733, christened there 31-5-1733.
2. Aafke, c. Britsum 29-8-1734
3. Ruurd, b. ca 1742 in Huins.  He died in Menaldumadeel on 19-12-1819.
    Third proclamation of his marriage with Antje Sjoerds was given in Hallum.  Ruurd was said  
    to be from Hallum but according to his death certificate on 19-12-1819 in Menaldumadeel he
    was born in Huins.

Cornelis Sjoukes was born in Deinum on 22-2-1726 and christened there on
3-3-1726.  He married in Deinum on 19-5-1757 with Antje Sakes.  Cornelis and Antje had two
1. Sake, born Deinum 24-1-1761, christened 15-2-1761, died in 1785.
2. Sjouke, b. ca 1768, died in Menaldum on 15-5-1836.  He married in Deinum on 21-4-1786  
    with Antje Klazes Feitsma.  Antje was
    born about 1754, daughter of Klaas Minnes and Klaaske Taekes.   Antje died in
    Menaldumadeel on 17-6-1834.  

Ruurd Fokkes was seller of cheese.  On 29-4-1770 the third proclamation of his
marriage with Antje Sjoerds was given in Hallum.  Antje Sjoerds was born in Deinum around
1749, daughter of Sjoerd Foekes (Fokkes) and Maria
(Marijke) Minnes.
1. Fokke, born Hijlaard/Lions 6-4-1771, christened there 28-4-1771
2. Marike, born Hijlaard 16-11-1772, christened there 22-11-1772, married in Dronrijp on 
    6-1-1793 with Wabe Hendriks Snoekstra.  Marijke died in Menaldumadeel on 19-11-1844
    but mother was incorrectly given as Antje Jacobs.
3. Minne, born Hijlaar 29-12-1774, christened there 22-1-1775, died in Rien 9-5-1846, married
    in Lutkewierum on 10-7-1803 with Andrieske Sijmons.
    a) Ruurd, b. Rien 20-5-1804, c. 3-6-1804
    b) Trijntje, b. Rien 20-10-1806, c. 9-11-1806
4. Sjoerd, born Achlum 22-2-1777, christened there 30-3-1777
5. Age, born Achlum 6-9-1778, christened there 4-10-1778
6. Aafke, born Achlum 19-2-1781, christened there 18-3-1781, died Wonseradeel 4-2-1855,
    married Lutkewierum 12-12-1802 Johannes Siemens van Dijk
7.Antje, born Achlum 1-11-1782, christened there 23-3-1783
8.Age, born Dronrijp 16-8-1786, christened there 24-9-1786.
9. Hinke, born Dronrijp 31-12-1788, christened there 8-2-1789, died Leeuwarden 13-7-1853.
    She married in Menaldumadeel on 30-4-1814 with Sieds Jochums Nijdam.
10. Ruurdtje, born Dronrijp 20-1-1791, christened there 13-3-1791, died in Hennaarderadeel on
      7-3-1871.  She married Anne Jans Boschma in Hennaarderadeel on 6-7-1811.
11. Jacob, born Dronrijp 3-8-1793, christened there 25-8-1793

Minne Heins Feitsma was born in
Deinum on 28=2=1786.  He was a labourer.  He died Menaldumadeel on 19-11-1847.  He
married in Baarderadeel on 3-6-1815 with Tietje Oeges Meyer from Terzool.  Tietje died in
Baarderadeel on 9-2-1842.  She was daughter of Oege Pieters Meyer and Hotske Jans Jellema.
1. Hein, b. Baarderadeel 3-4-1817.  He married in Baarderadeel on 21-10-1837 with
    Hylke Pieters van der Meer.
2. Hotske, b. Baarderadeel 7-11-1818.  She married in Rauwerderhem on 25-5-1844 
    with Gerke Johannes Hoekstra.
3. Tetje, b. Baarderadeel 24-6-1821.  She died there on 27-12-1839.

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