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Updated to June 10, 2007

The Buursma family of Warga, Idaarderadeel

There is not much information to be found in Tresoar about the early members of this family. They were a Doopsgezind family. The earliest known member of this family is Jentje Dirks (Durks) Buursma, born about 1767 in Warga. He died in Idaarderadeel on 21 September 1820. Jentje married in Warga on 4 September 1796 with Janke Jans Vermanje, born about 1763. She died in Idaarderadeel on 9 May 1832. Familienamen 1811 Buursma, Jentje Durks, Warga k. Jan 13, Durk 11, Hendrik 1, Sjuik 15, Aaltje 8 Mairie Roordahuizum, fol. 4v children: 1. Sjoukje, born Warga about 1797, died in Tietjerksteradeel on 10 March 1866. Sjoukje had an illegitimate child named Jentje. Jentje was born in Tietjerksteradeel on 9 January 1825. He died in Dantumadeel on 25 February 1875. Sjoukje married in Tietjerksteradeel on 21 June 1828 with Jan Annes de Vries. Jan acknowledged that Jentje was his child. Jentje married as Jentje Buursma in Dantumadeel on 22 January 1853 with Henke Alberts Visser. Their first child was called Albert Buursma (born Dantumadeel 15 August 1855) but all the rest of the children of Jentje and Henke bear the surname de Vries.. Albert died on 8 July 1862 as Albert Jentjes de Vries. Sjoukje also had an illegitmate child calle Anne, born Bergum on 5 June 1823. He was born under the name Anne de Vries but married in Dantumadeel on 21 November 1847 under the name Anne Buursma. He married Aaltje Jochums Elzinga in Dantumadeel on 21 November 1847. Aaltje was a daughter of Jogchum Pieters Elzinga and Sjoukjen Gerbens de Haan. Anne and Aaltje had one daughter, Jantje, born Dantumadeel 20 August 1849. 2. Jan, born Warga about 1799. He died in Idaarderadeel on 12 August 1827. He married there on 11 July 1822 with A(a)fke Abes Dijkstra. Afke was born in Wirdum on 13 March 1795 and died in Veenhuizen, gem. Norg on 23 August 1841. She was daughter of Abe Douwes Dijkstra and Klaaske Harmens. children: 1. Jentje, born Idaarderadeel on 22 September 1822, died there on 10 November 1822 2. Jentje (Jantje), born Idaarderadeel on 15 November 1823, died in Veenhuizen on 15 August 1842. 3. Abe, born Warga on 7 March 1826, died in Hennaarderadeel on 2 June 1895. He first married in Wymbritseradeel on 12 May 1860 with Willemke Jans Deinum. Willemke was born in Wymbritseradeel on 10 October 1833 and died in Hennaarderadeel on 12 March 1864. She was a daughter of Jan Pieters Deinum and Geertje Tjeerds de Boer. Abe and Willemke had one daughter Geertje, born in Hennaarderadeel on 5 December 1861. Abe remarried in Hennaarderadeel on 19 May 1866 with Jeltje Martens Yestra. Jeltje was born in Poppingawier on 26 April 1827, daughter of Marten Jochums Yestra and Jantje Jelles Bergsma. Abe and Jeltje had one daughter, Jantje, born in Hennaarderadeel on 18 October 1866 3. Dirk, born Idaarderadeel about 1801. He died in Baarderadeel on 14 December 1875. He married in Idaarderadeel on 15 May 1828 with Fokje Uiltjes de Jong. Fokje was born in Britswerd about 1807, daughter of Uiltje Tjerks de Jong and Feykje Pieters Vollema. Fokje died in Baarderadeel on 26 December 1875. I have only been able to find one child of this marriage, Feykjen, born Idaaarderadeel on 28 November 1845. Feykjen died in Leeuwarden on 14 November 1923. 4. Aaltje, born in Wartena about 1807. She died in Idaarderadeel on 14 June 1890 under the name Aaltje Jentjes Buurstra. She was a widow. 5. NN, female, born Wartena on 6 May 1804. 6. Hendrik, born about 1811 7. Minke, born Warga on 15 January 1814. She died in Leeuwarderadeel on 3 June 1890. She married in Rauwerderhem on 11 May 1845 with Sjoerd Ages Dijkstra. Sjoerd was born in Wirdum on 5 March 1817, son of Age Jans Dijkstra and Hotske Jelmers Hofstra.